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Datum: Wed 05/8/19 10:50PM
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Eintrag: FCB&A Amucio Abogados
145 Calle Collon, 249, 1 28505 Madrid Spain
Tel:0034-604-284-281 ; Fax: +34-911-881-353

Dearest in mind,

I would like to introduce myself for the first time, My name is Barrister David Gmez Gonzlez, I want to know if you receive the letter which i sent to you before.

I have some important message for you. So i will like to discuss it with you in my next email, once i receive you`re reply.

Please contact me with you`re interest for further explanation.

Best regards,

FCB&A Amucio Abogados Espaa Financial Attorney 06-05-2018
Lawyer: - Barr. David Gmez Gonzlez

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